Friday, March 21, 2008

Maundy Thursday in Kampala

I didn't go to church yesterday. What's more I am not going to church today, nor do I plan to go to church tomorrow. I am planning to attend the early service on Easter Sunday, and that is it. It feels a little like luxury, but on the other hand, I feel that what I am living is illuminating the days of the Triduum in different ways and lights for me.

Yesterday, I went to the home of Joseline, the young woman who guided me through the service last Sunday. She lives in a boarding house owned by a woman named Sally in the Namirembe neighborhood of Kampala. Just Sally and anywhere from 14 to 21 children and young people. The rooms sleep 4 or 6 people; I have never seen a triple bunk bed before.

And so on Maundy Thursday, when we commemorate Jesus' meal with his disciples, I sat at a table for 14, being served bread and plantains and milk tea. I asked if I could wash my hands, and Joseline brought me a basin of water. Joseline said a prayer before we had our tea, and Sally offered a prayer before I left for the evening, ending with a benediction. I would say that Maundy Thursday was celebrated fully and well.

And I also have a place to go for Easter dinner!

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qoe said...

What a beautiful person Joseline is! What a wonderful gift of the Divine to have brought the two of you together at a crowded church service! Did you notice that you two ladies have matching smiles?