Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello to my new apartment!

And here's my new place.

I'll have you know, it's not all mine. There are four apartments in the building. Mine is on the lower right, the door with the laundry hanging in front.

This is the sitting room/dining room, and on further into the kitchen as you enter the apartment. One very nice feature is tinted glass that keeps the apartment cool all the time.

And here's the view looking out the door. You can see some of the hills of Kampala over the walls around the apartment.

Here's my bedroom, just off from the sitting room, and on through to the bathroom. I think the mosquito netting gives a kind of canopy feeling.

This is the all-important washing machine! A huge feature for this place. There's a fridge, too, about the same size as the washing machine. And a shower, too, with a switch to heat the water. So I feel I'm in like Flynn.

When the special-hire driver, James, helped me move my stuff here yesterday, he walked in and said, "Cool place!" I think I'm going to be comfortable here.

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