Saturday, March 8, 2008

Get set


This is what I'm supposed to be packing, and that's not all there is either. Given that I'm the kind of person who throws everything into a suitcase when I'm going to Seattle for the weekend, you can imagine what I'm like when I really am going to be in a place where some things are hard to come by. "Q-tips! I need Q-tips!" even though I never use them when I'm here. But you never know. Likewise safety pins. You never know when you might need safety pins.

Aside from the clothes you see here, important items include a lightweight and breathable raincoat (I'll be in Uganda during the rainy season), Tilly hat, new sunglasses made in a bit over an hour from Lenscrafters (where you can get a AAA discount--who knew?), memory sticks (as mentioned in blog #1), malaria pills, bug spray (30 percent Deet), and a couple months worth of feminine hygiene products.

For all that, I AM going to be in Kampala, a major city, and it's no doubt silly of me to bring as many toiletries as I am. A former Kiva fellow reported that he brought enough deoderant for a year and I am sure that I'm going to discover I have enough supplies to last me into the next decade. But if anyone needs a safety pin, I'm willing to share.
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Jana said...

Laura! What a wonderful journey you're embarking on! I look forward to hearing more about it in the days and months ahead. Blessings, health, and no need for q-tips be with you...! Love, Jana

qoe said...

Don't know for q-tip tips, but I can say that rolled socks in your shoes help prevent them from becoming critter condos. May not be a city issue, however... Hope your multiple flights go smoothly; sent email prayers. love, qoe