Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Northern Bypass

I took a couple of pictures with the borrowed MCDT camera the other day. When Justine, my supervisor there, downloaded, she said, "I'm sure these were IMPORTANT photos," making me feel really bad, so I don't know if more photos will be forthcoming.

These pictures are of the Northern Bypass, a freeway that will run all around the northern half of Kampala. On my McMillan Kampala map it says, "Under construction--completion 2007." Well...maybe 2008. Or maybe not.

It was supposed to be done in time for CHOGM, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, held in Kampala last November. Without that deadline, I wonder if it will ever get done. "So much corruption," Fred said when I asked him about it. In the meantime, as you see, it's a great gathering point for these bicycle taxis who pedal people and goods around on the back of their bicycle, like boda-bodas, only human powered. I can't imagine how they do this on all the dirt roads here. And I can understand why the Northern Bypass is a wonderful boon for them.

As for me, one thing I will be happy about when I get home is smooth roads.

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