Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alex is missing!

Yesterday, just after I posted my blogs, I walked back to my apartment to find the gate locked. That usually means Alex is inside because someone needs to be inside to unlock the gate for people. I knocked. No answer. I called him. No answer. I knocked again. Nothing. I phoned. A voice said, "The number you have called is not available." I kept this up for 10 minutes, then finally gave up and went in search of lunch at a neighborhood restaurant (matooke, rice, maize, beans).

I came back a half-hour later. STILL no answer. I called my landlady and explained, and she sent another young fellow over from the associated guest house who clambered over the gate being very careful as he navigated the spearpoint bits at the top and let me in.

Alex was nowhere to be found. One of those locked room mysteries, although obviously it's not impossible to get over the wall.

This morning, still no Alex. I asked his replacement what happened to Alex. He said no one knows where he is. Very strange. I'll keep you posted.

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qoe said...

Will keep him in prayers. Let us hope he is safe and not in any kind of trouble.