Thursday, April 10, 2008

Important technical information!

I have now been here for four weeks and so I thought it was about time to talk to my folks. After some glitches, we did finally speak live and in person. Mom said that she had an important technical question to ask that someone had asked her. Namely: do I have a shower?

The answer is, yes I do and you can see it here. It's not walled or curtained off from the rest of the bathroom in any way. The switch you see on the wall on the right of the photo is the switch I turn on to heat the water for the shower (there's no other hot water in the apartment), so I even get hot showers! Quite a deal!

Water is still somewhat limited, so I turn the water off at the shower head to lather. Still, it's an incredible luxury and I know it. As is this whole apartment as I grow to realize that most families (of 6 or 8 or 10) live in a place about the size of my bedroom.

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