Friday, July 4, 2008

Introduction and disclaimer

This blog is going to take quite a turn at this point.

Up until this point, as you see, I have been writing about my experiences during a brief sojourn in Uganda. But for a long time, I have been very interested in the political imbroglio in the Anglican Communion, much of which involves the Anglican churches in Africa. With some trepidation, therefore, I’m going to offer my opinion on the subject.

First of all, a disclaimer: I do not claim to be any sort of expert in the areas of Africa, politics, the Anglican Communion, or even the Episcopal Church. All I can claim to be is an interested observer and an informed layperson, except for the being ordained part.

Second, this is a blog and a hobby and so my entries are likely to be limited in scope and fairly infrequent. I’m not quitting my day job to write about this. Blogging simply doesn’t pay the bills.

Third, if you’re reading this, well, I’m astonished and pleased. I’d be very grateful if you would identify yourself at some point. It’s a thrill to know I’m not talking in an echo chamber. And I hope you find this a worthwhile use of your time.


dhoyaia said...

you have listeners

Kirstin said...

Waving hi. :-)

Lisa Fox said...

You most certainly have listeners.

And I'm glad you're entering the discussion about Anglican Communion issues. You have a special perspective, because of the time you spend in Uganda, and I think that's helpful. My own perspective is aided by the time I spent in southern Sudan. Someday I'll have the courage to write about that.