Friday, July 11, 2008

Bigger fish to fry

"The Lead" led me yet again to another worthwhile story entitled "Mwamba dismisses doomsayers." They quote Musonda Trevor Mwamba, a bishop in Botswana, who spoke at the Modern Churchpeople's Union in England on July 9.

Among other things he said, "The simple reality is that the majority of African Anglicans, about 37 million of them, are frankly not bothered with the debate on sexuality."

My own experience is that the subject never came up in my personal interactions in Uganda. I never heard it spoken of in churches I attended. No one asked me about it, even though they asked about a lot of things related to the U.S. The issues of homosexuality was in the papers and I heard about it in the church on a macro level, but on the ground, this is not on the top of people's lists. It's really not headline news. There were too many headlines related to (violence in) Zimbabwe, Kenya, Somalia and South Africa to bother with this rather obscure scuffle.

And as far as most people go, they have other things to occupy their time. I'll have something to say about that in the next post.

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