Saturday, June 14, 2008

A post from home

I got back on Wednesday afternoon and have done pretty well, jet-lag-wise, until I finally hit the wall last night. I went to bed at 7 and woke up this morning at 4, which is still far closer to PST than Kampala time, so no complaints.

I expected it to be more of a shock to return, but for the moment it almost feels like being in Uganda was a dream. I have some evidence that I was there--most importantly an email from Joseline saying she misses me. But it's also hard to imagine that I really spent three months away from home.

Keeper clearly missed me. I went out to do some grocery shopping yesterday and when I came back, he was so glad I was home he stuck his head through a window pane in the door. Luckily, there was a curtain over the window on the inside so the only damage was to the glass and not to Mr. K.

Strange things have pleased me. I was thrilled to be able to use my credit card at the Amsterdam airport to buy things like...tea and a croissant. That made me happy. It was refreshing to see cars that stay in a single lane. I was so happy to have a turkey sandwich, turkey being largely non-existent in Uganda. Though I had a hot shower in my Kampala apartment, hot shower plus water pressure is a wonderful thing. And big box stores. I was coming back from the airport and kept saying, "Look! It's Circuit City! It's Target!" I guess I'm more a product of my consumerist culture than I knew.

I've also been startled by the light. It stays light until well past 8:00, which is unnerving, and I've been waking up when it gets light in the morning because that's what woke me up in Kampala. I think I've mentioned this, but being close to the equator, daylight hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm year round. At first I found that weird, but I'd gotten used to it.

I miss the roosters.


dhoyaia said...

WELCOME BACK TO THE STATES!! "Yee haw" and all that USA type of nonsense. mmmmm. I'm liking that sensibility. And you can get all the football you want on the local cable station Fox Soccer Channel. Welcome back again. What's next??!! love DnAhoy

qoe said...

Glad you are home. Take your time. Re-entry is always interesting. Drop a line when you have time.

The Rutherford Family said...

Hey Laura! I still can't find your email. I left a comment on one of your first blog posts, but never heard from you. Welcome back! I thought you were still in Uganda! Drop me an email when you can--are you in Alameda?