Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now THAT'S a Gospel procession!

This was on the front page of both The New Vision, and Bukedde online (the Luganda daily).

From the Martyrs Day mass at Namugongo yesterday.

Don't tell the folks at St. Gregory Nyssa or they'll get ideas.


Lisa Fox said...

I'm a very latecomer to your blog, but I've now read every word of it.

I spent a mere two weeks in southern Sudan, but I resonate with much that you're written in your three months in Uganda.

Your comment about St. Gregory Nyssa absolutely cracked me up!

I suppose you're returning home now. Our diocese will be sending folks into Sudan via Kampala, and I hope there might be a way for me to connect with you about lodgings and food.

Lisa Fox said...

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. I've posted your comment there, and I pray it doesn't make trouble for you.